Bike ride

One thing that is so so lovely about Finland is its environment. Nature is everywhere. Driving, cycling, walking around the city center you don’t see much green however there are some secluded spots tucked away here and there that have their own lush secret garden of their own. And when you drive out away from Helsinki, you will face beautiful views.

WP_20150524_20_28_15_ProWP_20150524_20_29_06_Pro WP_20150524_20_29_00_Pro

WP_20150524_20_28_13_Pro  WP_20150524_20_17_47_Pro WP_20150524_20_17_37_ProI went for a bike ride with my dad around Espoo-Helsinki.we cycled 13km in all.. not bad not bad..

And I am so glad I got my ass of the bed and actually went out. The weather was perfect. Finland’s glorious summer weather really makes you forget about the cold, dark, depressing winters. I love the weather here in summer. If only Singapore could have Finland’s summer climate all year round.. And this could be one of my last bike rides in Finland.. There’s so much stuff I want to get done before I leave!!!

ARGH!! So little time left!



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