Perfect Beach

My school in Helsinki has an annual tradition where for one day on the last week of school, the whole upper school (middle and high basically) go to the beach! Many people have mixed feelings about this today. Some dread it because the sand gets everywhere or because the weather can be cold or that there isn’t much to do there.. However beach day is all about bonding and hanging out with people. It’s not the place that makes it fun, it’s the people. If you want to have fun, you will! You just have to make it.


So yesterday, beach day was a blast. The weather was glorious. It was sunny and warmed up throughout the day. I honestly loved it. I spaced my time out really well and managed to do all the things I wanted to with my friends so that was an A+.





I played American football which was so so fun. As we were playing with guys and girls, girls could tackle the guys by hugging them or a two hand touch. Personally, I just went for the hug. Because why not? 😉


I also took a dip in the sea which was super cold at first but when you wandered in further it was so refreshing. My toes were slightly numb but I loved the cold water around my body. It felt so nice and relaxed all my muscles. And it was the best feeling ever to feel the sun burning your back in the cool water. Gosh. I am going to miss this whilst I’m in Singapore. I just generally like cool water to swim in. I love swimming in the lakes and sea here. The water is not salty at all which is perfect for me.


I also played beach volleyball which was a blast. Honestly I am beginning to love volleyball. It’s such a fun yet simple sport. Everyone in my grade played together and it was so fun participating and simply watching. Man, the guys make the sport look so effortless! My friends and I also treated myself to ice cream and popsicles which was so nice on this hot day.



Okay I don’t want to describe every little detail, because I think you get that the beach day this year was perfect. It was the best send off. I can only wish for my following last days in Finland to be as beautiful.



Bike ride

One thing that is so so lovely about Finland is its environment. Nature is everywhere. Driving, cycling, walking around the city center you don’t see much green however there are some secluded spots tucked away here and there that have their own lush secret garden of their own. And when you drive out away from Helsinki, you will face beautiful views.

WP_20150524_20_28_15_ProWP_20150524_20_29_06_Pro WP_20150524_20_29_00_Pro

WP_20150524_20_28_13_Pro  WP_20150524_20_17_47_Pro WP_20150524_20_17_37_ProI went for a bike ride with my dad around Espoo-Helsinki.we cycled 13km in all.. not bad not bad..

And I am so glad I got my ass of the bed and actually went out. The weather was perfect. Finland’s glorious summer weather really makes you forget about the cold, dark, depressing winters. I love the weather here in summer. If only Singapore could have Finland’s summer climate all year round.. And this could be one of my last bike rides in Finland.. There’s so much stuff I want to get done before I leave!!!

ARGH!! So little time left!



Hi everyone.

So in the past I’ve attempted to blog several times.. I started my first blog when I was a young pre-teen, and surprise surprise, it was a beauty blog. gosh. how naive. I was thirteen! What did I know about makeup? Apparently enough to start a blog about it.. Looking back at my posts, I cringe. But I also look back at that blog fondly. That’s how I started and the blog, no matter how embarrassing, will always be something that I’m proud of.

This quote is basically how I pulled the plug on my first blog: “I feel disconnected to (this blog), (it seems) almost shallow. I feel that I can no longer say, yeah this is my blog and it reflects me. Because if I’m honest it doesn’t. But can any one things reflect a person? (and so I go on) … (and on) … After much thought I’ve decided that yes, i do want to continue blogging. However I am not continuing this blog. Hours and hours of reflecting and digging into my mind made me realise that I want to start another blog that I feel can reflect me truthfully {not that I’m not being truthful now}, I feel like I have changed as a person and want to incorporate that into my blog.”

And so when one journey ends.. another begins. And so the second blog came. And to be brutally honest. It’s pretty bad. It’s very different from my first superficial beauty oriented blog. I don’t know what I was thinking but my second blog contained lots of philosophical quotes. ikr? tell me about it.

So I pulled the plug on that one.

And now I’m starting another. Gosh do I call this determination or denial? Let’s see.